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Listing of servers SA-MP


Our service refers to the list of paid servers (Hosted) in the SA-MP browser. When requesting our service, you must comply with the terms of service of our website.

Check below our plans with value and days when you request, and also the forms of payment available. There may be changes in value, depending on the dollar price and variations in value on the official website (Game-MP).

New: You can now also request to change the IP listed through the request form. You can also check via the action option if your IP is listed in hosted, in addition to getting information from your server.


We accept PIX, and you still get a discount! Check the value on the order form.

Paying by QR CODE here on the site, it will not be necessary to open a ticket to confirm your payment.

Get more players!

You add your server to the Hosted Tab you see that you get more players. The success of your server depends on being displayed in this tab ;)


We are in the branch of server listing since 2017, and with a quality standard of fast service and guaranteed service in the shortest possible time.

We seek professionalism and quality. By using our services, we guarantee that there will be no regrets.